Rowntree & Associates Ltd is a combined lobbying, media and business development  consultancy.  Whether you need advice on a UK, EU or global issue, Rowntree & Associates can tailor its scope of work and budget to meet your needs.  

Rowntree & Associates was founded by Louise Rowntree - who has over ten years’ professional experience, first as a lawyer in London, Brussels and Paris, then as a consultant in Brussels’ largest communications consultancy.  

We believe that communication - in whatever form - is often made unnecessarily complicated. That's why Rowntree & Associates' motto is to help its clients Keep It Simple

Rowntree & Associates also aims to help those who don’t have the means to pay for communications advice but desperately need it:  whilst structures already exist for free legal advice, this is not the case for communications. And yet – in this day and age - communications can be the make or break of any campaign. As such, Rowntree & Associates aims to make at least 10% of its turnover pro bono

Rowntree & Associates
Tel: +44 203 689 6276
Email: info@rowntree-associates.com
64, Waldemar Avenue, London SW6 5NA